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Of course, “hit” might not be the right word: Netflix, of course, does not release viewership figures.

But there’s no denying that “Stranger Things,” which had a relatively low profile at its release, has gotten a lot of buzz.

“There’s something of an expectation for young actors not only to play young, but to have that intuition of what their generation is going through and to be on that wavelength,” says Timothy Shary, a film scholar who has published multiple books on teen cinema including Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in American Cinema Since 1980 and Teen Films: American Youth on Screen.

“For girls of my generation who were awkward or a little bit strange, Winona Ryder was both relatable and aspirational,” wrote Alana Massey in last year.

She recently attended a Sabbath dinner at the home of a Jewish friend to learn more about Mezvinsky's faith. A recent New York Times profile of former "first daughter" Chelsea Clinton, 27, gave quite a bit of info about her and about her relationship with Marc Mezvinsky, her steady Jewish boyfriend of at least the last two years.Mc Mickell was dating Hamilton’s ex-boyfriend, and the two women had been arguing on social media in the days leading up to the fire. According to Foster, Hamilton then drove to a location where her ex-boyfriend was at, threw the photo onto the street, yelled out “I just burned your *expletive* house down”, and drove away.— Well, there’s really not much you can say after that, is there?A Southwest Louisiana woman is now in jail in Jasper, Tx., after police say she burned down the rent house of her ex-boyfriend’s new lover. (Some people do it with a flourish, you know.) and both report that Winona Pertrice Hamilton of De Ridder, La., surrendered Friday (Jan. Her bond stands at 0,000, and as of Monday, she remained in jail.Jasper Police say Hamilton crossed state lines to burn a home leased to Hannah Mc Mickell. Garrett) Foster said it was determined that Hamilton went to the house on December 31st when no one was home, broke in, stole a framed photo of Mc Mickell’s child off of the wall, and then set the house on fire.

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