Updating linux lenovo Black webcam

After upgrade, putting machine in suspend turns the monitor black and everything seem to be off, though the fan still spins, the power light is on and the battery is trained.

Nothing seem to wake it up (Meaning different key combinations - trying to get a shell by Ctrl Alt F1, for example; pressing power, any other key).

Honestly, the easiest approach is probably to download the Windows BIOS Update utility (documentation is here) which you can use to run the BIOS update from within Windows before you install GNU/Linux.

If that’s not an option (e.g., if you’ve already installed GNU/Linux) the best method is to download the bootable CD ISO from the same page.

For T440, the desired one with the vulnerability fix is most likely https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/downloads/DS038194 , but am not 100% sure it was necessary - I do not want to repeat the experiment.

Being a wiki it could change, but it currently seems to say I need to: This seems sketchy to me. Or did I agree somewhere in a contract that I only run Windows?

The lack of support, transparency, and preparedness seems completely unacceptable to me for such a serious defect in their product.

It's surprising how many "solutions" you find for getting your Broadcom b4311 to work with Mint when you Google it, however this is the only one that actually works.

All the other ones simply give you typing practice and excercise your patience.

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