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However, the possibility of extracting even broken fragments of dinosaur DNA are next to impossible, Dr Maidment added.“There is no genetic material, no evidence at all. Who knows what we might find if we look hard enough,” she said.

The scientists analysed eight fragments from a range of dinosaur fossils, such as the dagger-like claw of a theropod carnivore similar to Tyrannosaurus rex and the bones of a duck-billed hadrosaur and a horned stegosaurus-like species.

Although it is not the first time that scientists have claimed to have extracted soft tissues from dinosaur fossils, it is the first time that researchers have done so from poorly preserved specimens with techniques they claim are free from the risk of the normal cross-contamination.“We have found what we think are red blood cells and collagen fibres.

All the evidence points to that and it’s very difficult to come up with anything else they might be – but we have to employ a sensible level of scepticism,” said Susannah Maidment of Imperial College London, a member of the research team.

The main function of the skin is to encompass and protect our body from environmental challenges and to be a sensory indicator of the surrounding world.

The epidermis, which is dominated by keratinocytes, forms the skin barrier that protects the body against water loss and external physical, chemical, and biological insults.

All the specimens were so badly preserved that they were stored in the museum’s backrooms rather than being in the public galleries.“They were not considered to be good enough for display and as our techniques are destructive we ended up being given these rather rubbish fossils to test.

However, to our surprise we found evidence of soft tissues,” Dr Maidment said.

The fact that we found cells with nuclei rules out any contamination with the red blood cells of humans who may have handled the fossils,” Dr Maidment said."m RNA (tissue)" shows the transcript level as TPM values, TS-score (Tissue Specificity score) corresponds to the score calculated as the fold change to the second highest tissue.Some of the proteins predicted to be membrane-spanning are intracellular, e.g.Red blood cells make their repetitive journey through our bloodstream with a lifetime of about 4 months (BNID 107875, 102526).We can connect this lifetime to the fact calculated in the vignette on “How many cells are there in an organism?

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