Ps3 crashes when updating youtube

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So I thought I’d try to rebuild the ps3 database to see if it would fix it. So if you have other slow down, a weird glitch or maybe your trophies take a while to sync this would be wise to do.

Let us know if this was helpful and what this may have fixed for you.

If your stilling having issues, I would try restoring the file system on the PS3.

Owners of an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch will need to run i OS 7 or higher to download and use the You Tube app from Apple.

Those still running older versions of i OS will only be able to access You Tube by visiting its mobile site through their browser.

Photo data can also be copied back to the title once the game data has been resored.

- Additionally, any photo data that has not been copied to the "Library" and transferred may be lost.

then 2 quick Beeps at this point release the power button. You will be greeted with a screen asking you to connect a controller with a USB cable.

For info on what the other options do check out the FAQ tab.

(Only one report per day for each service is allowed.) It's not necessary to file a report when a service is back up.

There are certain cases in which a message will appear stating “Installation has failed” during the update process of Gran Turismo 6 causing the game start process to fail.

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People using a device running Google TV version 3 or 4 can continue to access the You Tube app by simply updating it to the latest version.

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