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ALL STATIONS MUST FORWARD A REQUIRED MONTHLY TEST WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF RECEIPT PER FCC RULES (Part 11).All participating broadcast stations must conduct tests of the Emergency Alert System at regular intervals, as specified in FCC rules and regulations.No matter which radio you are searching for the whole design of is so much user friendly that you need to do nothing but just few clicks.We are exploring the growing online radios each day and adding hundreds of radios for giving you ultimate entertainment and information rich radio portal.Online Radio is now like a part of modern world, as a result online radio stations has gain a huge popularity than ever.With thousands of radio stations worldwide people can now get connected with what they desired for just by having a medium that supports internet and online radio streaming.GAB serves as a clearinghouse for all technical, operational and testing information concerning Emergency Systems in Georgia.GAB has worked closely with our partners at GEMA, GBI, NOAA, GPB and the Governor’s Office to ensure that Georgia’s EAS plan is easy to follow for broadcasters.

All stations should receive the test no later than THIRTY minutes following the time listed.

Additional tests may be performed at any time, and activations or special tests may be performed in lieu of required tests.

WEEKLY TESTS-Origination All broadcast stations must originate at least one test each week (RWT), consisting of the Header Codes and the EOM Codes.

Georgia’s radio and television stations are our state’s first line of emergency notification, whether the situation involves severe weather, civil defense, missing persons, or law enforcement emergencies.

The Georgia Association of Broadcasters, with member input, worked with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/GEMA and created Georgia’s Emergency Alert System.

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