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So it’s been about a year and a half since we started the whole process.

I was so excited when I got the breakdown and script because it was such a unique role and it was a challenge and something you don’t go for everyday.

After Ellen: So, I hear you’re a little insulted that your friend Gaby Christian called your character, Ashley “needy” in her interview here. I know Gaby thought we would have broken up again, and that Ashley would become needy and clingy, but I don’t know. AE: Well, here’s your chance to defend Ashley’s reputation. It was nice to work with the same people for that long.

It’s heartbreaking, though, because you do become really close with your cast members, and even with the characters.

BY NATASIA LANGFELDER Gabrielle Christian shot to fame in 2005 when she took the role of sweet, innocent and gay Spencer Carlin in “South of Nowhere.” As Spencer discovered herself and fell in love with her best friend, Ashley, the LGBT community fell in love with her.

Later that year, she debuted on South of Nowhere as Ashley Davies.

I’d love to make a career out of making out with a pretty girl.

It’s always the straight ones who get that opportunity…It was on a station called “The N” which is a Nickelodeon cable station.

Musgrave was born in Orlando, Florida, and began acting at the age of 6.

Originally uninterested in becoming an actress, the change came in high school when acting became her passion.

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