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We'll never charge our members for access to any of the awesomely cool features we offer on KC. Well the best way is to use the site, chat with us, contribute and upload your stuff ...

but I’m also all about getting clarity on what it takes to achieve your work goals, so maybe that brings it back into my wheelhouse. My guess is that a few minutes is probably the right answer, but it really depends on what your business model is. Once you have clarity on that, then you can arm your call reps with language to use to set those boundaries.

Anyway, I think the first thing to do here is confront the fundamental question head-on and figure out how much time you’re willing to spend simply on relationship-building with these customers. For example, if a customer calls back a second time to see if their rep has more time to talk now: “Oh, that’s so kind of you!

I'm a naturally shy, private person and this freaks me out.

Use your photos, videos or sounds in journal entries on your blog, to spice up your life (or the re-telling of your life : D) Tell your friends, or the world, what you are doing right this minute by setting your status message!

It was March 8, 2014, and traffic to his over-the-top blog, Porn Burger, had just gone through the roof after a mention on the technology website

And as he was sitting at his kitchen table, watching it all happen, he took a bite of a ham sandwich and began to choke.

“I was like, ‘I am dead, and everything is about to happen right now,’ ” he says.

He was about to self-Heimlich on the back of a chair when he finally coughed the ham out of his windpipe.

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