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Run SQL s SQL If you want court TIME as data type Date/Time, then wrap time in '#': dim s SQL as string s SQL="INSERT INTO Booking (Member ID, Court ID, Court DATE, Court TIME) " s SQL=s SQL & "VALUES (11,1,#25/06/06#,##);" Do Cmd.

The issue for me is that I'm doing this solely on an access database, with no My SQL backend. The database which i have exports reports to PDF and am trying to code it to export the reports to excel via transferspreadsheet method but its not working.If you are using VBA within Access you can also use a domain function. Open str SQL, cnn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only, ad Cmd Text ' Load array arr Rows = rst.Three of the most used as called DLookup, DCount, and DSum. Get Rows() ' Print array elements For int Row = 0 To UBound(arr Rows, 2) should be enclosed in quotes) and Use Transaction which is optional: The second argument concerns Transaction Processing and assumes True if you omit it.When transaction processing is applied to a query, Access first performs a "dry run" of the query during which it writes all the changes to a temporary log file but does not make any permanent changes to the database.

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