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Share photos by uploading them directly from the photo booth to the user's personal Facebook page*, Twitter*, text (MMS in US and Canada and SMS elsewhere) or by sending an email.DSLR Remote Pro for Windows supports Canon EOS digital SLRs on Windows computers NKRemote supports Nikon digital SLRs on Windows computers Webcam Photobooth supports standard USB webcams on Windows computers PSRemote supports Canon Power Shot cameras on Windows computers (please check that your camera model is supported before purchasing) The screens displayed to the user are fully editable and can be used to create a branded photo booth in any language.Each screen is defined using JPEG images which can be edited in any image editor to customize the appearance of your photo booth.The interactive print layout editor makes it easy to design your print layouts and save them for future reference.

Thanks to Studious, this problem will be solved once and forever.Wired for power, it offers a 24/7 live stream, never dead batteries.You can view video in super-clear Full HD 1080p, and get mobile alerts if something happens.Check in on your home from nearly anywhere using Nest Cam.Simply pull out your phone or tablet to keep a watchful eye over your home and its occupants, anywhere you're connected to the web.

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