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It is much easier for us to just stop validating messages from that poster, and that is what we will do.

"I bought a piece of Tisha's art for my bedroom as it relaxes me and makes me feel good" " I love Impressionism & Brush Painting.

Elton was, to say the least, intimidated when he noticed Leon in the audience at the Troubadour.

This Asian Arts Forum is a private forum owned by dedicated to questions and discussions of Chinese and Japanese art and inscriptions, South Asian Art, and Asian Art in general.

He’s become such a mainstay of our culture that it’s easy to take his genius for granted.

Impressed by her son’s talent, King’s mother urged him to write an original story.

Visitors will see that the forum is frequented by several knowledgeable scholars, dealers and enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge.

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I mainly paint with Chinese watercolors on rice papers." I have been having fun lately painting more Impressionist and abstract style paintings and experimenting painting on thick, color rice paper and wood.Abstract style painting is not something I regularly do but I wanted to expand and see what would "come from within" after years of brush painting study.Art studies include: numerous visual art media with a focus primarily on Japanese and Chinese brush painting, studying for 15 years under Lampo Leong and recently with Master Kan Kwok-Fan.The anchor of our organization is our Arts Center - a full-service facility that supports artists, offers public programming and brings diverse voices together to envision and activate a stronger Atlanta.We believe that social change is both a values system and a path of action: the belief that society isn't perfect and the understanding that we have the power to do something about it.

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Actually, he could eat me for breakfast [playing piano].

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